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  • This workshop concentrates on promoting Aircraft Design and Control Engineering!
FULL Author

Prospective authors need to submit the full paper to wadce@smehk.org before the deadline. The paper should be unpublished original English paper with 6 pages. (Template)


Professors, associate professors, senior lecturers, lecturers in the areas of Aircraft Design and Control Engineering are welcome to join the conference as reviewer. Please send your CV to wadce@smehk.org.


Presenters only need to submit the abstract of the speeches to wadce@smehk.org. There is NO Need to submit the full paper. (Template)


Here we recruit 2-3 college student from Hong Kong to do to volunteer work. The candidates should speak at least 2 langues while English is a MUST. Please send your latest CV to wadce@smehk.org


All the researchers, scholar, students, engieers who are interested in this WADCE 2016 are warmly welcome to attend the conference as listener.

invited speaker

If you are interested in giving a lecture on this workshop, please send the title and abstract of your speech together with your latest CV to Ms. Amber Cao. Your request will be processed in 5 working days. The result will comes out in 2 weeks.

Call for Paper

2017 2nd International Workshop on Aircraft Design and Control Engineering (WADCE 2017)

The workshop will bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest from around the world. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Airspace Control Integration See-and-avoid Systems
Airspace Management Interoperability Security
Airworthiness Levels of Safety Sensor Fusion
Air Vehicle Operations Manned/Unmanned Aviation Simulation
Autonomy Micro- and Mini- UAS Smart Sensors
Biologically Inspired UAS Navigation Standardization
Certification Networked Swarms Swarms
Control Architectures Payloads Technology Challenges
Energy Efficient UAS Path Planning Training
Environmental Issues Regulations UAS Applications
Fail-Safe Systems Reliability of UAS UAS Communications
Frequency Management Risk Analysis UAS Testbeds
Aeronautics Basics of Flight & Aeronautics Control in practical systems 
Design, Modeling and Analysis Different Systems in an Aircraft Novel sensors and actuators
Composites Stability & Control of an Aircraft New methods/applications of feedback control 
Materials Instrumentation in an RC Aircraft Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
Impact and Dynamics Control of canonical flows Morphing
Topology and Shape Aerodynamics applications Panel Modelling